General Services

The company provides general services such as:

  • consulting services for products, consolidation of shipments (consolidations) variety of products (food, drink and tobacco products) from across the country.
  • coordination, management and freight forwarding in close cooperation with international transit, with a high delivery rate.
  • exports on behalf of our clients to their customers.
  • marketing of new products and coordination of movement in conjunction with external carriers for the promotion of these new products.
  • marketing for imported international brands and products we represent.
  • Aiming at making Greek products  known and widely available we gatherer from every part of Greek country and Islands the most gourmet foodstuffs and liquors  and with a lot of enthusiasm, passion and  hard work we prepare each small or big order for our clients .After all  Mediterranean cuisine is widely known and one of the healthier, nutritious and  best cuisines in the world.

    Find the finest Greek products at affordable prices and the best ambassadors of Greek traditional flavors with modern production conditions. Producers with knowledge, passion and love for their work.