Working Environment of Mavrikos Imports SA


  • We ensure a safe working environment for the people working in our company. We provide all the necessary means of protection and we provide training seminars, for issues case of emergency earthquake or fire.
  • We grant loans to employees when they apply for it, subject to applicable legal provisions, on favorable terms of repayment.
  • The company shows great interest in the family, financial and health problems of its employees by providing financial aid and unpaid leave if demanded for long periods.
  • In our company,  we find ways to get together and celebrate together. Every year, we organize an event for cutting the new year cake either inside or outside a company, and the price for the coin is a fair amount of money.
  • Christmas and Easter are given to all employees in gift wrapping products that our company traders.
  • Continuous improvement of the company's software infrastructure creates a sense of user friendliness and security.
  • The company on a regular basis updates its hardware  to improve speed and reduce its adverse effects on users while replacing traditional LED lighting with new generation LEDs creating ideal working conditions.


  • We support uniqueness by enhancing respect and mutual trust that can transform a corporate target into personal motivation.
  • MAVRIKOS IMPORTS as a family business has created a working environment with an emphasis on the spirit of cooperation and faith in the strength of teamwork.
  • We place great emphasis on equal opportunities and the evolution of our people to evolve professionally and personally, but also to be an integral part of our successful course.
  • At the end of each fiscal year,  all employees are evaluated  for their knowledge, skill, diligence, efficiency, willingness, spirit of co-operation, their overall attitude, and loyalty to the company.
  • At MAVRIKOS IMPORTS there is no replacement of staff unless for a reason. All staff usually stay as long as they wish  and in many cases retire from the company. The family atmosphere and security feeling dispersed among all of us.
  • As we always strive to give our clients new,  premium products of high quality, we organize tasting events  attended by skilled employees, rating,  commenting and presenting new products in unique ways resulting to clients being familiar with products and convince them to purchase.


  • Management informs in time  all employees of any changes  within the company or of anything new issues concerning the company.
  • By investing in effective communication between employees, we are open to the problems and concerns of our colleagues, always trying to provide a solution wherever possible.
  • Every week there is  the regular employees and management meeting held in our meeting room to discuss various issues of all departments, to solve and analyze problems and  discuss ways of progress and development.
  • We encourage internal communication to all levels and directions, always trying to have a quick and valid knowledge of the new data of the continually evolving market, the legal framework and the social context in which we operate.


  • Education of employees is a must at MAVRIKOS IMPORTS as this is fundamental for our progress.
  • Employees are encouraged for their individual training according to their work. Also, if necessary, the company provides special licenses and a reduction in working hours during the examination or attendance of their courses.
  • Our company organizes on a regular basis in house  presentation of various legal matters  and their frame work concerning each department
  • The company also seeks to improve employees' knowledge by providing them with the opportunity to attend special seminars outside the company. Employees keep abreast of developments and are informed about economic developments, new bills, new regular tools for their smooth performance in their duties.