Traceability - Identification - Tracking of alcoholic products

Dear partner,

As you may know, according to EU Regulation 178/21.02.2002 article 2, in the context of the need for a unified food and drink control legislation in all member states, general principles were established for the control of the quality and safety of food - drinks and consumer protection.

Among the principles established by this Regulation, the most important is that of "traceability" (article 18), the principle based on which every legal entity (business) must at all times, on the one hand, know the complete details of each supplier individually, and on the other hand the details of each trader to whom it sells its products and these also individually.

The reason why this principle was established, is to make it known exactly where the products were made available, so that it is possible at any time to control the recall of any product that wanted to be checked as unsuitable or the authenticity of the product or the payment of the tax burdens (VAT - DUTY etc.) from the auditing services of A.A.D.E. (K.O.E., EL.Y.T., G.C.P.), SDOE, the Economic Police or the EFET as the case may be. This means that every company must take measures to always know, not only the quantities it has sold to each customer, but also the specific lot (Lot number - EU Directive 91/13-12-2011) that was sold to each of them.

Furthermore, to ensure the possibilities of the above control, the course of the products sold and the possibilities of withdrawal, the above Regulation required all businesses to establish internal systems and procedures (Article 18 paragraph 2 and 3).

In the framework of our company's compliance with the provisions of the above Regulation, the new national framework for the implementation of the Electronic Identification System for Alcoholic Beverages (A.Y.O 1263 30-12-24) for the convenience of our customers and the competent auditors services, the tax data (TA - TIM) that we issue will contain, in addition to the other data provided by n4308/2014 LLC, an analysis of products by lot (LOT number EU Directive 2011/91/ 13-12-2011, Decision of the Supreme Chemical Council 259/2013/24-02-2014 Official Gazette B΄ 563 7-3-2014, Official Gazette 97/2017/05-12-2017 B΄ 4883).