Vertical Full-Service Food and Beverages Logistics

MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A., based in Piraeus, has been active since 1975 in the Vertical Provision of Integrated Food and Beverages Logistics Services, Greek & International Food.

The company offers Logistics services, with responsible support:

• Free goods and products with EXCISE TAX.

• Collection also from the producer's facilities.

• Electronic Receipt – Counting – Recording.

• Storage.

• Computerized management of goods according to FIFO.

• Traceability.

• Completion of the order (picking) per customer.

• Classification and labeling services for alcoholic beverages, Regulation 789/19.&1169/11.

• Paste the indications provided by National legislation or the legislation of another member state or 3 countries.

• Loading of the goods to be handled in FIX capacity.

• Issuance of tax documents – submission of customs documents (e-DE + E.D.E).

• Consulting customer support.

• Provision of Customs Agent services to third parties for handling all kinds of customs procedures for the import - export of goods or their inclusion in suspensive customs regimes for products of third countries and subject to Excise Duty (Excise Duty).

• Provision of Customs Consultant services.

Modern privately owned facilities that also have refrigerated storage areas, (in which ΕΤΚ products can also be stored) providing customers with the possibility not only of storage, but also of comprehensive management of their products according to their needs.

Our purpose is the successful extroversion and development of the commercial network of our customers. Quality and reliability are the basis of all our actions. Guided by the philosophy of absolute customer service and within the framework of actions to optimize the services we offer to our customers, we apply innovative IT technologies that give our customers a competitive advantage, providing them with the opportunity to have timely and immediate information (via functionality of computerized systems) to track their goods, throughout their stay in our warehouses. Our many years of experience, our flexibility in the ever-changing needs of modern commerce, combined with certification in:

  •  ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Systems,
  •  HACCP 22000 Food Safety,
  •  AEOF of an Approved Financial Entity,
  •  Simplified Export Formulations and for products in EFC,
  •  Customs adequacy

they are the guarantee that our services are what every customer needs in order to be able to penetrate the domestic and international market.

General Services

• A taste of Greece in the markets of the world from the company MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A.

Knowing that the Mediterranean Cuisine is one of the best, healthiest and most widespread diets in the world, we carefully select the ambassadors of the quality Greek Traditional products, to make Greek products better known in the world, sending offers and press releases to interest parties based on a marketing list CRM.

Also, we export to various countries such as America, Australia, France, Canada, Qatar, Holland, Mexico, Singapore, etc.

Also, we do:

1. Exports on behalf of our customers to their customers.

2. Coordination, management, and shipment of goods in close cooperation with international forwarders.

3. Consulting services for products, consolidations of loads (consolidations) of a variety of products (food, drinks & tobacco) from all over the country.

Our Philosophy

After 48 years of continuous presence in the field of alcoholic beverages, we willingly receive the messages of our customers and improve in a highly competitive market, which demands increased flexibility every day.

We are committed to the highest global standards of quality and safety of our products and services and the satisfaction of our customers and consumers is a cornerstone of our success.

Elements directly related to our excellent customer service and the unique weight of each individual element, as analyzed below, determine our long-term policy towards customers.

Customer service is divided into 3 groups: Before the transaction, during the transaction and after the transaction. Here is a list:

a. Existence and availability of printed material. Price lists, photo catalogs, clear and precise tax information.

b. Availability of goods. It represents our ability to fulfill customer orders within a specified, generally accepted time by the industry and the specific good.

c. Ease of ordering. It concerns the efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity of the necessary paperwork to carry out the requirements and procedures between the business and the customer to complete the transaction.

d. Efficient phone handling of orders and inquiries. It concerns the availability and training of personnel within the company, who can handle customer inquiries either regarding availability, price, or the status of a previous order, delivery dates, backlogs, etc.

e. Order information. Order information is the ability to provide customers with quick and immediate information on factors such as inventory status, order status, expected shipments, delivery dates and execution of pending orders. The number of outstanding orders makes it possible to identify and expedite orders that need immediate attention. The number of outstanding orders and order cycle time can be used to measure system performance.

f. Details of the order cycle. The order cycle is the total time from order entry to delivery to the customer. Constituent parts of the order cycle are the communication about the order, the entry of the order, its execution, its packaging, its transport, and the delivery of the order. Because customers are primarily concerned with the overall order cycle time, it is important to focus and organize each component of the cycle to avoid the causes of variances.

g. Expediting Shipments. Expedited shipments are those that receive special treatment to reduce the normal order cycle time. Although the cost of an expedited order can be significantly greater than that of fixed shipments, the cost of losing a customer can be even greater. This should be investigated on a case-by-case basis.

h. Delivery time. It refers to the time, for a normal order process, between the moment the commitment is made by our company for the delivery of the order, until the moment the products are received by the customer. Of course, it only concerns goods that are in stock.

g. Reliability. It refers to our commitment to a specific delivery schedule.

i. The accuracy of the system. Errors in the accuracy of the system (in the accuracy of the quantity ordered, in the items ordered, in the invoicing), are damaging to both the company and the customer. Errors should be recorded and reported as a percentage of the number of orders executed by the system.

j. After Sales Services. It includes the speed and readiness of the replacement of problem goods, the support of the goods if the consumer experiences difficulties, periodic re-contact, to confirm that the customer-consumer is happy with the purchase.

k. Withdrawal of products. Protection against any problem goods is another essential element of customer service.

l. Customer claims, complaints and returns. There is a specific operating policy that specifies how we manage customer claims and complaints, as well as product returns. The company maintains electronic files and more specifically in the company's CRM application there is a subsystem for detailed description - monitoring - customer complaints and recording how to deal with and resolve claims and returns to use this information to develop or re-evaluate functions of marketing, logistics and others.