Our Company Profile

MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. was established in 1975 in Piraeus and has been in full operation to date. It is based at its own premises, comprising a 4-storey building with offices and warehouses, at 7 Naxou Street, Kaminia, Piraeus (MAVRIKOS BUILDING), over an area of 2,000 m2, while there is also a 250 m2 private parking area for trucks, at 1 Naxou Street.

 MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. is a third generation commercial business, mainly involved in supplying ships and aircraft as well as in selling soft and alcoholic drinks in the domestic market of Greece (taxable sales). At the same time the Company has increased its export activities.

The remarkable turnover, in combination with the fixed strategic orientation in areas and activities described by dynamism (shipping, exports), the advanced facilities and equipment, and the organization of the company as well as its readiness to successfully adapt to new circumstances have restricted the negative effects of the economic crisis and have made room for the conditions that will allow MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. to exploit the current situation for its own benefit.

The company activates in the following areas:

I. DOMESTIC SALES (under suspension of Duties and Taxes)

1. Supplying ships (cargoes, cruisers, ferries, military navy vessels) with drinks, cigarettes, packaged foodstuff (frozen-fresh), electronic items, electrical appliances, cabin accessories, and mechanical spare parts.

The ships can be supplied at all Greek harbours as well as on board or in international waters (third countries or other EU member-states).

The merchandise supplied within Greek territory is distributed from the central warehouse of the Company with the help of a private distribution fleet.

2. Supplying Ship Duty-Free Shops.

The Company usually supplies its customers with drinks, cigarettes/tobacco, electronic appliances, packaged items, chocolate products, and dry nuts.

3. Supplying airport Duty-Free Shops. The Company is their exclusive distributor of drinks.

4. Supplying embassies and consulates, which are entitled to exemption from Duties and Taxes.


1. Supplying domestic liners.

2. Supplying Super Markets, Mini Markets, Wholesale Markets and Catering Agencies with alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, beer, and packaged foodstuff.

3. Supplying Ship Duty-Free Shops with taxed products (drinks, packaged foodstuff).


1. Εxports

1.1. Εxports to third, non-EU countries.

1.2. Supplying-dispatching merchandise to ships anchored in international harbours as long as the ship owner is based outside Greece.

1.3. Intra-EU deliveries.

• Triangular Export Transactions.

• Τriangular intra-EU Transactions.

The Company today trades approximately 10,000 product codes, including mainly drinks, cigarettes, foodstuff and electronic appliances.

The Company provides services described by:

1. Wide range of products, some of which are exclusively distributed by the Company.

2. Immediate availability of products.

3. Fast delivery (4 – 24 hours).

4. Early and full updating: product lists with pictures in the customer's language and a number of continuously updated brochures as well as a website.

In order to improve its position among competitors and expand to international markets, MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. is strategically oriented to the certification of quality and services provided, organization of the Company, operational procedures, constant staff training in the continuously changing tax-customs legislation and rapid development in the field of informatics as well as to the relations of the Company with the authorities it deals with.

Therefore, the Company has been certified since 2011 by the Ministry of Finance, General Secretariat of Tax and Customs, under No. GR AEOF 004019 011 10, as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEOF), thus safeguarding AEOS security and protection as well as the simplified AEOC procedures. It is a new EU institution, REG.1875/2009, which promotes at European level the cooperation between Customs and certified corporations, which enjoy specific benefits (simplifications and speed of transactions, reduction of guarantees, etc.) and boost their reliability and position in the market.

It should be noted that MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. is the only suppliers' company and one of the very few Greek companies that have been awarded this certification.

Apart from the ΑΕΟF certificate, the company has also been awarded the following:

1. Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001:2008 since 1995, certified by LLOYD’S

2. HACCP Certificate of Supplying Shipping Companies and Airlines with Foods and Beverages, including the relevant Imports and Exports, and of wholesale trading of alcoholic and soft drinks in the domestic market of Greece, also certified by LLOYD’S.

3. Licence for subjecting the merchandise from 3 countries to the customs status of "CUSTOMS WAREHOUSING" (Ministry of Finance, Directorate General of Customs and Excise Duties). It is the first private warehouse recognized as a customs warehouse.

4. Licence for "Approved Warehouser," Νο. EL10000010026 (Ministry of Finance, Directorate General of Customs and Excise Duties). From 1/1/1993.

5. Licence for Tax warehouse, Νο. ELA 0040010001, from 1/1/1993 (It should be noted that this is the first tax warehouse ever established).

6. Licence for simplified export processes regarding the destination specified by the exporter (It should be noted that this is the only suppliers’ company and one of the 3 companies in Greece holding a similar licence).

7. Certificate of customs efficiency


Τhe organizational chart of the Company includes the following main divisions: Executive Administration, which manages the Marketing & Sales Management, Imports-Exports Department, Material Management Department, Warehouse, Special Support Department, Organization and Quality Assurance Management, Administrative Support Department, and Economic Management. Each of the 8 above divisions comprises a number of separate subdivisions with clearly specified duties.

The Organization of MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. and its effective operation are based on advanced informatics systems and equipment.

Since 1991 the Company has been investing in special computerized solutions in order to improve its regular operation, to reduce common mistakes, and to correctly and early enough inform the bodies involved (customers, suppliers, customs, etc.) as well as to restrict its operational cost.

Computerization started in 1991 with the “CS” application of ComSys Ltd., which included networks of Customers, Suppliers, Purchase Documents, Sales Documents, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Market Research, Warehouse Documents, and Class C Logistics. In 2000 the Company invested in a US-origin ERP system of DELTA Informatics S.A., which was used for 2 years. The application included at least the networks of the previous program (CS) with the addition of new networks of Customs Processes, that is, processes that allowed the Company to agree with the customs office on its merchandise and enabled the customs to carry out fast and reliable controls/inspections. In 2002 the Company was supplied with the ERP EasyErp of IntelliSoft, which has been in use up to now.

The EasyERP system manages all internal processes concerning the Import and Export of Merchandise and their formalities (Code of Tax Representation of Business Transactions -K.F.A.S. & Integrated Customs Information System -ICISnet), applied by businesses that maintain Simple or Customs or Tax Warehouses with merchandise subjected to duties and taxes. Other application networks that have been added are: Distributions, Transaction Profits, Customers’ Complaints, Logistic Entries, CRM, etc. The EasyErp system has enabled the Company to transform all its sectors into fully and perfectly computerized divisions as well as to integrate several leading-edge technologies.

The operation of MAVRIKOS IMPORTS S.A. does not produce any negative environmental effects. However, as a modern and responsible company, it has adopted environmental-friendly policies and energy-saving solutions in the operation of its advanced equipment, while it also promotes similar initiatives.

 The Company has never violated any customs, tax or security legislation.

The President & Managing Director of the Company, NIKOLAOS MAVRIKOS, also holds the following positions:


We would also like to inform you that in the past we cooperated for a period of approximately 5 years with PHILLIP MORRIS B.V. and BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO STC INTERN.TRADE B.V.

We are sending you the relevant licences and certificates.