The term Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the actions of companies  aimed at contributing to addressing social and environmental issues

Businesses as entities are linked to the community in which they operate, influencing and influenced by their time and place of action. They are therefore obliged to recognize their responsibility towards society and the environment.

They must adhere to principles and values such as
Respect for man - human dignity and equal opportunities,
Respect for the environment and improvement of living standards and quality of life.

Our company, after 44 years of continuous presence in the field of alcoholic beverages, has acquired into her philosophy the principles of social responsibility. In this context, it has recognized the stakeholders (employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers) that surrounds her  and they are either influenced or influence their selves the activities and the achievement of the company's objectives.

The 4 pillars on which social responsibility policy has been structured are as follows:



4)Market society.

Following our philosophy according to the above and in combination with the certification as an Approved Economic Operator we strictly observe the basic principles of our company policy as

• Each share holder  is committed to its Goals and Policies of the Company
• All stakeholders, from the leadership to the last in the chain, must provide the best coordinated support to each customer
• Protection of human life and the environment

• Constant maintains of trust and   Confidentiality to  all our partners
• Implementation of Best Practices and Management Methodologies
• Use of previous Technologies and e-Procedures to facilitate efforts and achievement of goals
• Compliance with National, European and International Legal Obligations and Restrictions.

Within this scheme , our company has proceeded to the following actions.

We have posted on the company's site

a) Our philosophy

b) Information on Responsible Drinking of Alcohol
c) Information on the observance of Law 2863/2000 which takes into account the Greek Code of Advertising and Communication
d) Information about compliance of the company with the provisions of the EU Regulation 178 / 21.02.2002 article 18 on the invoice number of the lot number per product.

In the spirit of continuous staff training on a weekly basis,  so that they can be

(a) informed at all times   of international and national developments and challenges in the commercial sector as well as the economy in general  

b) Be ready to manage any crisis and  to make the right decisions when faced with difficult choices that should be guided by their correct judgment, correct treatment and behavior towards clients and partners, provided they always follow the provisions and company’s  policies .

Within our policy of our social orientation, the company offers to charity organizations merchandises  useful to them to offer for mess.
Additionally  after replacement  of our company's hardware , were donated  7 PC terminals with their keyboards and 6 screens to 1st  primary  school of Aharnai.

In the context of environmental responsibility

a) Send the photographic catalogs of the company with we transfer to avoid printing
b) Do not print documents (like  e-mail) when this is not necessary with "Think before printing"

c) Replacement of the printing equipment of the company only when the indication is "empty" and returned for recycling.

d) Changing the company's bulbs with led panels with low energy consumption