The full satisfaction of our customers and final consumers is our highest priority.

The following certifications enable the company to provide reliable services to its customers and give us the opportunity to extend our activities in the fields of logistic for taxed and duty free products.
Our company has achieved the following certifations:

  • AEOF           

Certificate of a Specific Financial Body (GR AEOF 004019 011 10), which corresponds to the highest level among the 3 types of specific financial certificates of customs simplifications, security and protection. This certificate anticipated by Red. (EU) 2454/93 as it exists is accepted not only by all customs authories of our country, but also by the customs authorities of the remaining 26 member states of the EU.

A Specific Financial Body capacity granting is only awarded to trustworthy financial bodies following a compliance with very strict criteria defined by community authorities and specific standardized tests carried out by different authorities of the Ministry of Finance (both GGPS & SDOE) and forms a certificate of:

a. Approved financial solvency

b. Transactional reliability

c. Credibility

d. Proper book keeping standards

e. Proper protection & security keeping standards

Our company is the tenth company awarded this certificate in Greece, whose mutual acceptance in a worldwide level offering a series of benefits - facilities, forms an important advantage for its export activities against its competitors.

  • ISO 9001:2008

which is applicable to general supplies to the shipping industry including associated importing and exporting. Wholesale trade of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the domestic market.

  • HACCP             

which is applicable to management of Food Hazard Analysis System (HACCP) for the Supply of the Food and Drinks to the Shipping Industry, including Associated Importing and Exporting. Wholesale trade of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the domestic market.


is acquired from the legal representative of our company, and two executives after their participation in the competition, according to F19G5046811 / AYO 2012. The above certification is a formal recognition from the state of Mr. Nick Mavrikos knowledge regarding customs matters and the ability to manage the customs clearance of goods as declarant or customs representative.

  • LICENSE FOR SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURES OF EXPORT (at the designated place by the exporter)

by the Ministry of Finance. This is among the first and few companies in the country, which is granted the authorization of simplified procedures for the export declaration electronically, with license number 13GR000001SASP00007. With this license, our company can handle customs clearance formalities of exported goods and deliver faster a delivery license (Export Accompanying Document) at its premises, avoiding lengthy paperwork at export customs.


The company is one of the first companies in the country, after the application of excise in 1993, which took permit as an authorized warehouse with license number EL 10000010026.


The company is the first in the customs region of Attica which is granted as an authorized tax warehouse, with a number ELA 0040010001, concerning spirits, beers, wines and tobacco products.


The company has excise warehouse license with number 9YGR000001CWC00145.